Fifteen Months With Claire

At fifteen months, Claire...

First pigtails!

 Weighs twenty-three pounds and is thirty-one inches tall.

Can walk! She took her first steps around thirteen months, but didn't really start walking all the time until fourteen months.

Doesn't talk much. She says hi, bye, hey, yes, and daddy. No love to the lady who takes care of her all day, every day. She also makes monkey noises and growls when she sees a lion or bear.

 Understands so, so much of what we say. She's getting pretty good at following simple commands, like if you ask her to find her dolly {major obsession} she'll go look for her.

Waves {mostly for bye}, shakes her head {mostly for no}, and uses the "all done" sign when she feels like it.

Has four new teeth, bringing the total to ten. She got several in one week and, man, that week was a doozy. 

Climbs on everything. Into chairs, the tub, her rice box, the dishwasher. She was obsessed with the stairs at her grandparents' house. At the playground in our apartment complex, she can climb up the ladder and go down the slide all by herself.

Drinks whole milk from a sippy cup and is a pretty adventurous eater. Except for vegetables. Unless pickles count? The girl could live on pickles. Like most American toddlers, she loves macaroni, pizza, and hot dogs.

Can do her stacking ring toy all by herself and the shape sorter with a little help. She gets very frustrated with puzzles, although she absolutely does not want any help.

Has transitioned to one afternoon nap. She goes down around one and usually sleeps for the three hours. Still regularly sleeps twelve hours through the night. She sleeps with her doll and her birthday quilt. She's a big-time thumb sucker. We have no plans to quit the sound machine and we recently invested in a black-out shade. Best idea ever.

Just started dancing. We always have classical music on in the mornings. One of us makes breakfast while the other gets Claire and changes her diaper.  As she walks into the kitchen and hears the music, she likes to bust out a few moves. Our next-door-neighbor plays the piano with his window open quite a bit {he's really good, so it's not annoying} and she is also prone to stopping for a dance break as we go down the hall.

Still loves to read, especially lift-the-flap books, and watch Curious George. Her favorite pastime is opening the lid to something, emptying what's inside, putting it back in, and closing the lid. One of those tennis ball containers will keep her busy for an hour.

Knows how to throw a mean tantrum and whine in exactly the right way to drive us insane. She's already experienced time-out, always for disobeying about not touching the lamps.

Is a big fan of routines. When it's time for bed, she grabs her doll, waves bye as she walks into her room, turns on her sound machine, and tries to climb into the rocking chair for stories. 

Can eat with a fork and spoon, if you spear a bite of food with the fork or scoop a little yogurt onto the spoon.

Likes to help Mommy put her shoes on.

Gives slobbery open-mouth kisses, mostly just when you ask for them but sometimes unprompted.

Has absolutely no idea that she's going to be a big sister, but we know she'll be a great one!  

First pigtails!

  This little girl is the cutest and most frustrating person I know. I often find myself counting down the minutes until bedtime, but then an hour later I'm showing Adam all the photos I took that day and we can't stop talking about how cute she is. I think we'll keep her!

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