Seventy Percent

 Twenty Week Ultrasound

It looks like this baby has inherited a good dose of stubbornness from their big sister! He or she was extremely uncooperative in the ultrasound this morning. I'm talking butt wedged down with the cord between the legs and all four limbs covering their face.

The ultrasound tech estimated a seventy percent chance that it's a girl. The doctor still needs some important measurements, so we're going in next Tuesday to try again. And this time, we'll leave the crazy fifteen month old at home!


  1. Yeah, we won't be bringing our 14 month old to our next ultrasound, either! Hehe.

    Little one may have been uncooperative, but that's a great profile shot! :)

  2. Well, at least you get to see the sweet little baby an extra time!


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