Twenty Weeks

 Twenty Weeks Collage

This pregnancy has been pretty great so far. Sure, there was the usual nausea and exhaustion in the first trimester. There's a been a day or two where my hips feel like they're literally being forced apart. My old nemesis, heart burn, has returned a few times already, which didn't happen for another couple months with Claire. 

The bump certainly got bigger a lot faster the second time around. I moved into maternity clothes at week fifteen, whereas with Claire I mostly held off until twenty weeks. But, I think it's so exciting to start showing because it means things are working the way they should. I am really happy to have a summer pregnancy, especially since it doesn't get too hot here in Seattle. Maternity skirts and dresses are so much more comfortable than maternity jeans!

Despite my already quite large size this time around, I didn't feel the baby move until week nineteen, the same as with Claire. I can't wait until Adam can feel the baby kick too, although that might not be for another month. I'm pretty sure that's my favorite pregnancy moment. 

All throughout this pregnancy there's been something in the background that wasn't there at all with Claire's - fear. Even though our doctor has assured us there's no reason why the complications with her birth would repeat themselves, I still have moments where I'm really, really scared. We're hoping and trying for a VBAC, but I'm not too concerned about having another c-section. I just really, really don't want to see another of my tiny babies in so much pain.

I totally get why others would want more physical and emotional recovery time, but I am so thankful that we were blessed with this baby soon after we got the okay to try again. I feel like I've been worried about Claire's younger sibling ever since her birth and once they're here, I can finally breathe a big sigh of relief.

On a lighter note, we are going in for the big ultrasound tomorrow! Any guesses as to whether Claire will have a little brother or little sister?


  1. Looking Good, Momma! I am horrible at the guessing game, because based off my experience, I always think girl, even when they aren't my own. But, I'm going to be a little edgy today and go against my instinct. I think Claire's going to have a baby brother! (But, for reals...I still kind of think girl).

  2. Tomorrow?!?! Eeee! I'm guessing boy too, but I always ALWAYS guess wrong, which means baby's probably a girl. Haha!

  3. I'm anxiously awaiting an announcement!!! I'll guess sister!

  4. I woke up in the middle of the night last night and COULD NOT go back to sleep because I was just thinking about y'all and finding out today. How ridiculous is that? Haha! Praying for your sweet little family! :)


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