Hotel Stay!

Hotel Stay

We just dropped my mom and brother off at the airport. They were such a great help over the past two weeks and we are all sad to see them go. I'll actually have to start doing laundry again! 

While they were in town, they offered to watch Claire overnight as an early anniversary gift. We took them up on it last Saturday night and, guys, it was amazing! I was a little sad leaving Claire for the night for the first time since we brought her home for the hospital. {Adam had already been apart from her once, when Claire and I spent a night in Victoria.} But it was so much fun to be out just the two of us for eighteen whole hours. 

We went to the vigil Mass on Saturday evening, had dinner at a fun gourmet pizza place, and stayed at a hotel in downtown Bellevue. We both agree that the best part was sleeping in until nine the next morning!

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