I promise this is my last post about our trip!

Well, that went better than expected.

Fast asleep on the plane ride there. Claire is a total daddy's girl and insists on sitting with him for the entire plane ride. The only time she really cried on either flight was when Adam made a quick trip to the restroom and she was left alone with *gasp* mom.

Reunited at last!

Reunited with her Aunt Allie, who Claire remembered from spring break and was so happy to see again.

Oh, it's good to be back.

We've decided that our key to success is to open a Chick-fil-A franchise in Seattle. I mean, how could it not be a huge hit here?

The graduates!

The graduates and soon-to-be nurses!

Claire trying chips & queso at Pappasito's! #shesatexanatheart

Claire trying chips and queso for the first time. She actually preferred goldfish and queso, but hey, she's still a Texan at heart.

Home Sweet Houston.

One thing Houston needs is a good spot for taking in the skyline. Pittsburgh has the Duquesne Incline and Seattle has Kerry Park, but Houston just has the view from the highway. Unless I'm missing something?

Oh, just shopping.

Shopping with Grandma at The Children's Place. What can I say, the girl's got style.

Could there be a more exciting sight?

My happy place. I could really go for some Blue Bell Key Lime Pie ice cream right now...

A beautiful day on Lake Houston.

Lake Houston from one of our favorite restaurants, Cedar Landing. It was our go-to special occasion place in high school. Most memorably, we went there for our last date before I left for college {which was very dramatic at the time} and again for Adam's 18th birthday on the day I flew home for the summer {and we said goodbye to long-distance dating forever}. It was pretty neat to have lunch there with our daughter!

Stretching their legs. #roadtrip #withatoddler #whyohwhy

Stretching their legs on our road trip to Louisana.

Road trip puke count: two.

The aftermath of a carsickness incident. We actually only had two minor episodes the entire road trip. Maybe she's growing out of it all of a sudden? She does have a very weak stomach while teething and got several new teeth recently. Or maybe riding in an SUV instead of our little car really helps? If that's the case, we will most definitely be car shopping..

Well, its official. Girlfriend is a sweet tea fan.

Claire loves, loves, loves sweet tea and begs us for a sip whenever she gets the chance. Babies are funny.

Claire's first trip to the pool was a smashing success!

We took advantage of the much-warmer-than-Seattle weather and enjoyed lots of summer activities that we won't get to do here until July or August. Like going to the swimming pool for the first time!

Why run through the sprinkler when you could just sit down next to it?

We also played in the sprinkler, although Claire didn't understand why you would want to run through the sprinkler when you can just sit next right next to it and get equally wet.

Cousin fun.

And brought out the baby pool for the cousins to splash around in.

Watching Aunt Katie graduate!

Watching Aunt Katie graduate. The sunglasses were absolutely necessary.

Playground excitement!

Okay, for real, I will quit talking about Houston now.  Claire is doing a pretty good demonstration of how excited we are to be home, even if we still have to wear rain coats in June.

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  1. That's so sweet about Cedar Landing! It's one of our favorites too... it was one the first restaurants we tried when we moved to Humble (and the first we actually liked), and we celebrated our first anniversary there. Plus, you can't go wrong with $2.99 catfish sandwiches for lunch on Fridays!


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