Big sister...

Kerry Park

... and little sister! 

Twenty Week Ultrasound

We had another ultrasound this morning and were thrilled to find out {officially} that we have two daughters! Although we would have been overjoyed either way, we were kind of crossing our fingers for another little girl. Partially because this beautiful lady has been my best friend for the last twenty-two years. I couldn't help but want that same sisterhood bond for Claire.

 Caitlin 6

Allie's Visit

And also partially for more practical reasons. I'm so glad we won't have to figure out where to store boy clothes in our small apartment. They will be sharing a room once little sister is sleeping through the night. And now, they will probably continue to do so until Claire leaves for college! 

We didn't settle on Claire's name until three days before she arrived, but this time we've got one decided nice and early. I'll give you a clue - haw haw. First one to figure it out gets a prize!


  1. I'm so excited about sisters! That was my gut instinct! I know Claire will be an amazing sister to her sister! Get ready for double the girl fun....and drama! ;)

  2. ahhh!!! yay!! girl babies for you, boy babies for me! and what kind of hint is haw haw?! tell me that girl's name right now! ps. claire is getting cuter by the second.

  3. Aww yay! Sisters are wonderful! I think you're going to have to give a better hint... Jeff thinks you're naming the baby "Donkey."


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