2013 Resolutions: July to December

 My resolutions for the second half of the year fall into two camps - before baby and after baby.

Calvin & Hobbes Resolutions
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Before Maggie Arrives Around October 24th:

Keep up some resolutions from the first part of the year. Continue sending birthday cards to friends, work on cooking from scratch more, finish my spiritual reading goals, explore Seattle at least once a month, schedule a date night at least every other month.

Take a baby swim class with Claire. I like mom-and-baby activities. They're a great way to meet people and get out of the house. During the school year, we usually have music class, church play group, and library story time.  But, both music class and play group are out for the summer right now. So, we signed up for a swim class at the Y for July and August. Claire seems to like the pool, so I think it'll be a fun experience for us.

Update my recipe binder. Right before Claire was born, I compiled a nicely organized recipe binder. I still use it all the time, but I've yet to add any new recipes. No more searching through Pinterest or blog archives to find that one recipe again as I'm scrambling to get dinner ready!

Finish decorating our apartment. For the past year, I've had a running to-do list of home projects to tackle. We are very, very close to crossing every item off.  Then Adam will get a good eight month break before we move next summer and he has to hang all our frames on new walls!

Assemble our Halloween costumes. Even though Claire is still a little young for trick-or-treating, I just love dressing up for Halloween. Since Maggie's due date is one week before Halloween, I need to think of a family costume that will work if I'm pregnant or not and if she's here or not.

Finish all of our Christmas shopping. I usually try to get our Christmas shopping done by the first Sunday of Advent. This year, I'd love to have everything bought and wrapped by mid-October. I'd also like to make a gift for each of our girls. I'm thinking these dolls really need to happen.

Prepare for Maggie's arrival. Of course, I have a long baby prep checklist as well. Perhaps that's a story for another post. You know, setting up the car seat and swing. Washing and organizing all the newborn clothes. That kind of thing. Besides the usual prenatal appointments and choosing her name, we haven't done a thing!

After Maggie Arrives Around October 24th:

Have Maggie baptized. I also plan to have family photos taken and send birth announcements.

Celebrate a very low-key Thanksgiving and Christmas. With such a tiny baby, not to mention a twenty-month old, we won't be traveling for either holiday. We celebrated Thanksgiving on our own last year, but this will be our first time not going home for Christmas. My family is coming to Seattle to meet Maggie, though, so I'm really looking forward to hosting them! I know they'll definitely be on board for keeping things super simple.

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  1. Umm, Christmas shopping done by mid-October? You're Superwoman! :) Our families always start hinting at what they want for Christmas around mid-November, so I can never start before that.

    That will be so nice for y'all to have your family in Seattle for the holidays, especially after how crazy your Christmas was last year. I'm sure it'll be weird for Adam to be away from his family though.


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