Before Baby Checklist

Guys, I can't believe we're already at twenty-five weeks. It's time to get to work!

 Twenty-Five Weeks Collage

- Register at the hospital
- Take a hospital tour
- Write a detailed packing list for all four of us
- Pack our bags as much as possible ahead of time

- Use an over-door shoe rack to store socks, burp cloths, etc
- Wash and organize newborn clothing
- Buy newborn diapers

- Set up the swing
- Set up the pack-n-play
- Set up the monitor and white noise machine
- Install the infant car seat
- Buy a car seat adapter for the stroller
- Buy a new diaper bag

- Order a fancy pump through our health insurance
- Buy a new cover for the nursing pillow
- Stock up on lanolin and pads

- Ask godparents
- Schedule at our parish
- Get the christening gown from Adam's mom
- Find a postpartum friendly outfit for myself 

- Make sure she has enough clothing for the fall/winter
- Schedule her first dentist and optometrist appointments
- Maaaaybe take her for her first haircut 
- Buy gifts for the siblings to exchange at the hospital 

- Steam clean the carpets
- Prepare freezer meals
- Stock up the pantry
- Stock up on thank-you cards

- Plan a date night
- Book a newborn/family photo session
- Decide on Halloween costumes
- Finish all our Christmas shopping

After Maggie Arrives:
- Add her to our health insurance
- Send birth announcements
- Order a personalized shadow box

- Send Christmas cards
- Buy stocking and first Christmas ornament for Maggie
- Buy matching Christmas dresses for the girls
- Set up Christmas decorations


  1. How on earth are you this thorough and organized?! are you choosing for the new diaper bag?

  2. I can only hope that I'll be this organized when we have babies! I'm officially impressed. :) Also I LOVE those little saint dolls!

  3. This is so lame sounding but I have actually been consulting this list to help kick my booty into gear to get ready for baby number two. Thanks for typing all this out for this tired mommy over here. Kudos for being so organized!


You are awesome.