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Cheese party!

Backing it up all the way to the beginning of June. We invited some friends over for a cheese tasting party! Easiest dinner party ever and so much fun.

Helping mama make some whipped cream. (She lost her pants between this picture and the last one. Happens to the best of us.)

I let Claire lick the beater after making whipped cream. Pretty sure it was the best day of her life. Since then, we found ourselves with a whipped cream dispenser {thanks, mom!} and, wow, it is quite the handy invention.

Bubble bath!

Claire's first bubble bath was a very momentous occasion. 

First pigtails! #mamaneedspractice

Same with her first pigtails! Which involve a fair amount of mom wrestling her to the ground, so they don't happen very often.

Claire's face through the entire car wash. #alittlealarmed

One advantage of all the rain here in Seattle is that your car stays pretty clean! We went through one of the cheap car washes attached to a gas station and Claire was a little alarmed by the whole thing.

Cutest bed head west of the   Mississippi.

Baby bed head might just be my favorite thing.

Plotting a dressing room escape.

Plotting a dressing room escape. So close!

Reclining while being hand-fed goldfish. That's the life.

Reclining and being hand-fed goldfish. That's the life.

Just lounging.

Claire is obsessed with lounging on our bed lately. I love it.

Her ice cream date.

Daddy and Claire sharing an ice cream cone at Molly Moon's.

Lake Washington. Can you spot Mount Rainier?

You have to drive over Lake Washington to get from our suburb into Seattle. Can you spot Mount Rainier peeking out over the clouds?

Claire tries a lemon - before.

Claire tries a lemon: part two.

Claire tries a lemon, the before and after.

Claire's idea of heaven.

She's not big enough to steer the kid carts at Trader Joe's yet, but she had the time of her life trying.

Meeting sweet baby Paige!

Our friends, Libby and Jon, welcomed their baby girl, Paige, last month. Isn't she just the sweetest?

Her response to "Claire, where's your belly?"

Her response to "Claire, where's your belly?" Already such a modest child.

The time-out for deliberately throwing food on the floor obviously didn't faze her too much...

We have a true toddler on our hands who gets a big kick out of being defiant. She is really into deliberately throwing food on the floor. After she does it once and we tell her no, she gives us this look like "yeah, what are you going to do about it?" and throws another piece. So into time-out she goes. Sometimes it doesn't faze her much, but we have to do something!

Already bought their first matching outfits...#couldntresist

I think Claire's first sentence might be "enough with the matching outfits already, mom."

I need an intervention. #janieandjacksalesaremygreatestweakness

I really need to stop purchasing matching outfits for the girls. It's a situation.

Coffee table, 1. Claire, 0.

Coffee table, 1. Claire, 0. 

Aunt Allie is here!

We all loved having Aunt Allie come to visit!

We're on a date!! Have I mentioned we really love it when my sister comes to visit?

Seriously, though, she's the best. She watched Claire so we could go to a prenatal appointment and again so we could go to the movies. She went maternity shopping with me and did all the laundry after our Vancouver trip. I mean, really. We miss her already!

Raspberry picking! (Claire didn't appreciate having to work for her food...)

Unfortunately we didn't get to do much Seattle sightseeing while she was here, although we did go raspberry picking one day. Claire didn't appreciate having to work for her food...

Allie's birthday!

But we did belatedly celebrate her twenty-second birthday! We're always looking for an ice cream cake excuse.

Grandpa's here!

My dad also came to visit for one night on his way to Houston from Shanghai. Of course, Claire was teething and super, super grumpy the entire time. He and Allie took the same flight back together last Friday.

Elton John baby after a trip to the pool. #throwbackthursday

It only been warm enough a couple times so far, but having a pool practically in your backyard is definitely one of the highlights of apartment complex living.

After church picnic with Mr. Joe!

Our friend, Joe, from the Newman Center at Pitt, has been doing an internship with Adam's company for the summer. We'll certainly be sad to see him go back to school in a few weeks. No more after-church picnics!

Snow cones at the farmer's market.

On Saturday, we made a trip to the market down the road for vegetables, fruit, and meat from local farmers. But we all agreed that our favorite part was the snow cones.

Something about that look tells me our freshly-detailed car won't be staying this clean for very long...

After one too many encounters with vomit, we got the inside of our car detailed this weekend. Amazing! But something about that look tells me it won't be staying this clean for very long...

And, just to get you guys all caught up, here are some recent videos. The first is Claire eating watermelon.

Claire and Daddy dancing.

Her new trick, climbing on and off the couch!

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