Anniversary Festivities

As I mentioned earlier, we celebrated our third wedding anniversary last week! On Sunday, my parents watched Claire while Adam and I went out for dinner. Adam's company has this discount card that offers buy-one-get-one deals at lots of restaurants in the Seattle area, including the revolving restaurant at the top of the Space Needle. 

Space Needle

The food was delicious and the views were amazing. We had an 8:00 reservation, which was perfect timing because we got to see the sunset!

Anniversary Dinner

Anniversary Dinner

Anniversary Dinner

On Wednesday, our actual anniversary, we continued our tradition of recreating the food served at our wedding reception. I really like the idea of making our anniversary a family celebration because, after all, it is the birthday of our family!

Third Anniversary

So, we had fajitas. Allie gave us the festive table runner from her recent mission trip to Ecuador.

Third Anniversary

And derby pie for dessert. Claire gave the pie two big thumbs up!

Third Anniversary

 After dinner, we exchanged gifts. Every year so far, we've followed the traditional guidelines while trying to stick to a $50 budget. For first anniversaries, the traditional gift is paper, so we picked out a family bible. For second anniversaries, the traditional gift is cotton, so we got a nice set of sheets for our bed. This year the traditional gift is leather, so we ordered personalized leather key chains from this Etsy seller. We each selected a bible verse for the other's key chain.

Third Anniversary

Next year the traditional gift is flowers or fruit, so I'm not sure where we'll go with that? We also have a little tradition of taking an anniversary photo each year. Here's year one:

Year One

Year two:

Annivesary Getaway

And year three:

Snoqualmie Falls

Fun fact: I am pregnant in two-thirds of those photos! A track record we are very thankful for.

P.S. Here's how we celebrated our first and second anniversaries!


  1. I'm liking these longer hairs you are sporting. :)

    1. ...andddd Happy Anniversary!

  2. Adam is wearing his wedding tie :)

    DON'T cut your hair!

  3. lookin' good momma! and yay for 3 years! are you gonna be in a house by next year? if so, you could plant a fruit tree!


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