Claire's Feast Day

Yesterday was the feast day of St. Clare, our Claire's patron saint! 

Claire's Feast Day

To celebrate, we gave her a rocking chair and some books about becoming a big sister. Definitely a bigger gift than we plan on doing in the future, but we had been wanting to get Claire a chair of her own anyway. So she'll stop climbing onto {and then falling off} the dining chairs and we can stop keeping them on top of the dining table...

Claire's Feast Day

You could say she's a fan!

Claire's Feast Day

After completing forgetting on her baptism day, I remembered to hang up the "Yay for Claire" banner I made from her monthly fabrics.


Our friends, Andy and Marie, joined us for dinner. Since St. Clare is Italian, we had lasagna and tiramisu. Yum! But I think our Claire would appreciate it if next year we served more toddler-friendly pizza and gelato instead.

We didn't celebrate her feast day last year {Sorry, Claire. Maybe if you had taken any naps at five months old things would be different?} but we have been to Assisi once!

P.S. This is Claire's favorite thing to do with her new rocking chair:

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  1. such a big girl! i hope you don't make haggis for maggie's feast day!


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