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Sometimes when we're bored in the late afternoon, we pick up Daddy from work. That way he doesn't have to take the bus home and we kill some time during what has to be the longest part of the day!

Oh, just programming.

Sometimes while we're there, we help Daddy do some programming.

Playing secretary at daddy's office.

Or we answer the phones. 

We like to visit Daddy's work for the free drinks!

But, let's be honest, we're really there for the free drinks!

She claps for herself every time she goes down the slide.

The first time we've seen the sun this week and we couldn't be more excited about it.

One happy slider!

 When we're not picking up Daddy and it's at all nice outside, we usually spend our late afternoons at the park. We have a play structure in our apartment complex and a city park just a few blocks away. Although now that fall is in full swing, the play equipment never really gets a chance to dry, so we've learned to come with towels.

 Always her go-to playground activity.

The swing is always her go-to playground activity.

Seriously almost got stuck in this tire swing. #toopregnantforthis

I may or may not have almost got stuck in that tire swing. Too pregnant! 

At it again.

 Library time.

I know I've posted a dozen pictures of her reading but...here's another one.

I know this is the 127th picture I've posted of her reading, but how could I not?

I may perhaps be a little obsessed with taking pictures of Claire reading. She really doesn't read independently that often, though. Mostly she uses my favorite "ehh, ehh, ehh" to request that we pore over the same stack of board books again and again. But reading is one of my favorite activities to do with kids and I certainly don't mind the extra snuggles, so it all works out.

Claire's special Friday treat - watching the songs from the Sound of Music. #myfavemovie #herstoo

 It's washing the couch slipcover day. (And also watching the Sound of Music songs. Again.)

While Claire's main obsession continues to be The Sound of Music. Watching the songs is about a once a week treat when Mom really needs to get stuff done, like wash the couch slipcover. 

Always eager to help.

Claire loves, loves, loves to help.  Whether it's carrying in the groceries...

Designated cutlery sorter.

Or moving the cutlery from the dishwasher to its drawer.

If only this thing actually worked. I'd have the cleanest carpet around!

She used to be terrified of the vacuum cleaner, but she's changed her tune since I found her a vacuum of her very own for $3 at Goodwill.

Little girl, big world.

Sometimes her helpfulness isn't really that helpful, like when she offered {more like strongly insisted} to carry the basket at Trader Joe's yesterday.

Matching! (Totally loving how little coverage my apron provides in my very pregnant state, ha.)

 She also loves to be just like Mommy. And, okay, maybe I love that too. These matching aprons are from Anthropologie. I actually already had one for Claire, but purchased a second for Maggie so they're not fighting over them one day.

Had to bring her purse.

I kind of love it when she insists on bringing her purse.

Sometimes she runs back to grab her purse right as we're about to leave. It's pretty much the cutest.

Sometimes brushing your teeth is a two toothbrush kind of job.

She gets so excited to brush our teeth together in the mornings, although she's a little bit of a toothbrush stealer! 

Examining her stamps from music class. #latergram

At the end of music class each week, the teacher gives out stamps. Claire is admiring hers in the picture above.

Claire's first painting. #artisti cgenius #youshouldseethetable

And she's also gotten interested in art projects lately, as evidenced by her very first watercolor masterpiece above.

So, maybe she's a little young for markers...

So, I thought, "hey, let's try stamping!" which turned out to be a very messy idea indeed, since Claire thinks stamps belong on your body, not paper. And why use a stamp when you can just use the whole ink pad?

Where's Claire? There she is!

I want to keep her in footie pajamas for as long as possible.

Some of my favorite moments are playing in our bed together on lazy mornings.

You made my day @lindseyjocoker!!

We are all getting so excited to meet Maggie! My super sweet blog friend, Lindsey Jo, surprised us with the cutest handmade sister shirts. I can't wait to put our TWO daughters in them!

While folding the laundry, Claire insisted that we practice our swaddling.

In preparation, one day while folding the laundry, Claire insisted that we practice our swaddling.

Her sister isn't even born yet and Claire is already stealing her clothes. For her doll...

Before Maggie's even born, Claire has been stealing her sister's clothes. For her doll...

Little mama.

When we got the Baby Bjorn out of storage, Claire grabbed it and ran off to find her doll. I guess she remembers what its for!

I think we have a problem...

We put the baby swing together over the weekend and it looks like Claire may have remembered that as well. We meant to teach her that it's not for big girls to sit in, but that she can put her stuffed animals in there. But it was early and we were tired and sometimes it's just really hard to be consistent, you know? Luckily she seems to have gotten bored with it already.

Just for kicks, a few random pictures.  


Daydreaming in a diaper.

Babe in a bucket.

Baby + bucket = instant cuteness.

Miss Piggy.

Little Miss Piggy.

Snuck a strawberry and doesn't feel the least bit guilty about it.

Stole a strawberry at Costco and didn't feel the least bit guilty about it.

Stopping to smell the roses.

Stopping to smell the roses.

Claire's face as we drove through the gas station car wash.

Her face as we drove through the gas station car wash. A little alarmed, maybe?

And, lastly, some recent videos.

Dancing to the ballet scene from An American in Paris.

Claire in a box.

Helping Mama with the vacuuming.

Hiding in the bookshelf.

I think Adam has a couple more cute videos on his phone that I'll have to get from him tonight. So, grandparents, check back!

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