Grandparents in Town!

Grandmom and Granddad Visit

Adam's parents came to visit! His mom was here for the past week and his dad flew in for a long weekend. We loved having them in town! They spoiled us big time with cleaning, cooking, laundry, baby-holding, and toddler-wrangling. They even brought the ingredients to make our favorite Cajun dish, crawfish etouffee. 

Claire, in particular, loved all the extra attention from her grandparents. The last two times we've seen them (last Christmas and our summer vacation in May) were at their house in Houston. The new environment, along with lots of other factors like the two-hour time difference, didn't help her stranger anxiety. This time, now that she's older and way less shy, she warmed up to them right away and was totally hamming it up before we knew it.  She's cute and she definitely knows it!

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