Who Wore It Better?

Claire at three weeks:


Maggie at two weeks:

Maggie in Claire's First Easter Dress

Maggie is two weeks old today! It's hard to compare since we didn't even get to bring Claire home from the hospital until she was two weeks old, but we're already starting to notice personality differences between the girls.

Claire was a very easy newborn and probably a lot of her "personality" in those early weeks was influenced by her time in the NICU. She did not like to be swaddled, preferring to sleep all spread out in her crib. She was a pretty scheduled eater, only wanting to be fed every three hours. She took pacifiers and bottles from the beginning, since they were introduced at the hospital. Basically, she was happy unless you were giving her a bath!

Maggie has also been pretty easy so far, although it's still early yet. She does sleep better when swaddled, but she pretty much refuses to sleep on her own. She's been a champ about eating every three hours during the night, but she also loves a good cluster feeding and usually spends a good three hours straight eating each evening. We've held off introducing pacifiers and bottles yet. She doesn't hate baths quite as much, but that's probably because we've gotten a lot more lax about how often they need to happen!

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  1. Look at those chubby cheeks!! So cute! You can definitely tell she and Claire are sisters, they look a lot alike. :)


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