Happy Halloween!

Since we've been married, we've had a little tradition of wearing family costumes for Halloween.

Mario and Luigi for Halloween

In 2010, we were Mario and Luigi.

Halloween Costumes

In 2011, we were a trash can and a recycling bin.


In 2012, we were a hamburger, ketchup, and mustard.


And this year, we were Peanuts characters! Adam was Charlie Brown, I was Lucy, Claire was Snoopy, and Maggie was Woodstock.

I was looking for something very easy that could work with three or four people and also work if I was super pregnant or not, since we didn't know if Maggie would arrive in time to celebrate.

For Adam's costume, I just painted the stripe on a yellow shirt with black fabric paint.

For my costume, I already had a royal blue maternity dress and I used some black fabric paint to make some cheap canvas tennis shoes look like saddle shoes.

For Claire's costume, I bought white leggings and a white hoodie. I used black felt to make the ears and the spot on Snoopy's back.

For Maggie's costume, I just dyed a white sleeper and hat yellow.


Easy-peasy! And pretty cute too, I think.

We didn't go trick-or-treating this year because Claire's still a little too young to get it, but we all had fun at our friends, Andy and Marie's, Halloween party.

All Saints Day

Happy All Saints and All Souls Days! Claire made the most adorable baby nun last year, wouldn't you say?

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