What Two C-Sections Means

Maggie's Arrival
Hey, that's me cut open on the table over there!

We have two beautiful, healthy daughters who were both born via c-section. Claire's was an emergency c-section, due to a placental abruption, which saved both of our lives. Maggie's was a planned c-section because the doctor thought I needed to be induced because of a (totally wrong) diagnosis of intrauterine growth restriction but I couldn't be induced because it's risky if you've already had a c-section. 

I had my six-week appointment with the obstetrician last week, so we got to talk with him about what this means for Claire and Maggie's future siblings. Here's what we learned.

We should be able to try for a VBAC one more time. Both have risks, but given that we really hope to have more than three kids, it would actually be safer to try for a natural labor than to go for a planned c-section. At least according to the latest guidelines from the American College of Obstetricians. The problem is that many doctors and hospitals don't see it that way yet. Including my doctor, unfortunately. So, for the next time around, we'll have to find a new doctor and quite possibly deliver at one of the major research hospitals in Seattle, rather than the closest community hospital out here in the suburbs.

We should wait at least eighteen months between pregnancies. Our doctor didn't make a big deal about waiting that long after Claire's birth because I'm young and could bounce back quickly and there was every indication that a VBAC would be successful. But now that I've had two c-sections, it's really important to give my body plenty of time to heal, regardless of whether I end up with a third c-section or a natural delivery. 

So, that's where we're at right now. Let's hope the third time's the charm!


  1. I have two friends who both had VBACs after two sections (one of whom gave birth vaginally to a nearly ten pound baby!!!). Having a supportive doctor really does make all the difference, I believe, so I hope that you're able to find one when the time comes!

    I was advised to wait 18 months also since Gregory was a c-section, although my doctor said I probably wouldn't have any problems since I've delivered two other babies vaginally. Honestly I think that's how long I'd want to wait anyways since the thought of managing four under three or thereabouts gives me an anxiety attack. :)

  2. I got to your blog via Splendor in the Home...

    Yes, 18 months is a great period of time to wait because, although you're young and bounce, each time your muscles/uterus are cut they are weaker and you need to be sure they are fully healed before the next little miracle starts growing in there.

    I'm commenting because I've had 5 C-sections thus far, my last at 43 years of age. We tried vbac but it just never was a possibility, breech babies and several over 9 1/2 pounds (one over ten pounds). So, don't fear the section. Doctors tend to be overly concerned and limit, I think mainly due to malpractice issues.

    Hopefully the vbac will be successful with your next little one and you won't have to worry about it!


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