Five Favorites: Board Books

Five Fave Board Books

1. Where's Spot? From about nine to fifteen months, Claire absolutely loved lift-the-flap books. This is a classic and taught her a bunch of animals sounds to boot.

2. Brown Bear, Brown Bear. This was the first book Claire begged us to read over and over again. She would literally cry when we reached the last page.

3. Goodnight, Gorilla. There's not a lot of text in this one, so you have to ad-lib most of the story, but the illustrations are just great and Claire's always found it hilarious.

4. Anything by Sandra Boynton. It's so hard to choose a favorite - Moo Baa La La La or the Going to Bed Book? Maybe Hippos Go Berserk or Barnyard Dance? You really can't go wrong with Sandra.

5. Magnificat bibles and prayer books. Before bed each night, we read a page from the Gospel or Bible for Little Ones and then say a couple prayers from one of their "my first prayers" books.

Bonus - pretty books! I'm always excited to find the Mini Masters series at the library. Each little story features a different artist's most famous works. In my opinion, the Cozy Classics series is far cuter than the Baby Lit books. I like the idea of distilling the story into twelve simple words more than attempting to apply it to colors or opposites. And the adorable needle felted illustrations certainly don't hurt!

I've spent a lot of time reading board books since Claire arrived and I've come across a few that I'd really rather avoid. Like books for older children that have been reprinted as a board book. Just putting it on cardboard isn't going to magically get a baby to sit through an Arthur story. Leslie Patricelli's Huggy Kissy is definitely in the running for the worst board book on the planet. I can't get with the baby talk. I'm also not a big fan of counting or alphabet books that just list completely random objects without any sort of story or rhyme. I'm looking at you, Olivia. 

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  1. Anonymous1/23/2014

    So many good ones! We have a lot of these, too, including the Bible for Little Ones!

  2. We own all but two of the ones you mentioned. Brown Bear is a bit in our house too. Sadly our Bible for Little Ones is now missing a couple of pages plus the cover but I'm definitely putting it on my amazon wish list for my son's first birthday. I really like the illustrations.


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