Who Wore It Better, Volume Two

Claire at four months:

Claire Looking Cute

Maggie at two months:


Well, we made it through my first week home alone with the girls. There were definitely some hard moments. Claire caught a cold and passed it along to Maggie. The only thing sadder than a coughing, sneezing baby is two coughing, sneezing babies. It rained all day, every day. Imagine getting two babies from our second-floor apartment, through the parking lot, and into the car in the pouring rain. It's delightful, let me tell you. Just typical January stuff. Can we all agree that it's the worst month of the year and that we'll hibernate through it instead?

But, things are certainly a lot easier now that they would have been two months ago. Every night after dinner, we bathe the girls together and they're both in bed for the night by eight. Maggie gets up for the day sometime between six and eight, while Claire is more predictably up right around seven. Maggie usually wakes up to eat twice during the night. Sometimes three times and every once in a while just once.

She eats about every two hours during the day. Most of the time she's pretty happy to hang out in the bouncy seat or baby carrier. She doesn't like her car seat very much and isn't a big fan of napping on her own, just like her sister was at this age. But unlike her sister, she already weighs over twelve pounds! Claire didn't reach that until she was six months old. Everything is so much easier when you're not a preemie! Nursing is going better than I could have imagined and I'm just so thankful.

When Maggie arrived, things were rough for Claire for a while. Of course, adjusting to life with a sibling was challenging. But I think it was the combination of a lot of things. Winter really began. It brought lots of gray, rainy days and considerably more time spend indoors. She got all of her canine teeth in a six-week span. And I feel like she was really frustrated about not being able to talk as much as she wanted.

 In the past couple of weeks, though, she has been learning new words left and right. It's so exciting! She finally calls us mommy and daddy. She says please when she wants something rather than just "ehh ehh ehh." Well, usually she starts with the "ehh's" then we ask her what she should say and she responds with "da pweese." She knows Maggie's name and that she's her sister. If Maggie's crying in the car, I will sometimes hear Claire saying "it's okay, it's okay" from the backseat. Oh, it's just the best.

I'm so grateful for all the help we received from family and friends over the last couple months. I think what I miss the most is just having another adult always here to talk to! Stay-at-home motherhood is a funny combination of always feeling a little lonely yet always wanting some time to yourself, you know?


Have a wonderful weekend, you guys. I know I'm counting down the minutes until Adam gets home!

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