Grandma's Visit



Adam's mom was in town last week! We loved having her here. And I think she loved that we now have a guest room and a guest bath!

She was so, so helpful with the move - watching the girls so we could finish up at the apartment, doing laundry, and making all our favorite foods for dinner. I don't know what we would have done without her. Well, be a lot more stressed out, I guess!

One day we visited at Adam at work for lunch. Maggie was tired and overstimulated and wouldn't stop screaming. Claire started crying because her sister was crying and then threw up. So that outing could have gone better.

We took Claire on her very first trip to Toys R Us and she picked out a little Mickey Mouse car as an early birthday present. She's been driving it around the house ever since! Claire started calling her grandma and has been asking for her every day since she left. It's the sweetest.

I wished we lived closer. I hope that we do one day!

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