Seven Quick Takes

1. One of Adam's cousins, Will, and his wife, Sam, spontaneously booked a trip to Seattle so we got to meet them at Pike Place Market last Sunday! We've only been to quick-service restaurants since Maggie's arrival (Chipotle, Potbelly's, Five Guys, etc) so we were a little nervous about how it would go and worried that we wouldn't have much time to catch up. But it actually went really, really well. It was such a beautiful day that we were able to have a picnic, so Claire and Maggie got to play in the grass while the adults chatted. After our usual clam chowder and Beecher's mac & cheese for Claire, we managed to find some room for cheesecake from The Confectional. It was, as Claire would say, "DEE-wish-ous!"

2. I came down with a 24-hour stomach bug on Tuesday. Thankfully, Adam was able to take a sick day, but we were supposed to host our "young married" small group from church that evening and had to cancel. It was obviously a bummer to miss seeing everyone, but even more so when you factor in the two previous evenings I had spent prepping (one cleaning, one cooking). I had made chocolate chip cookies, using the America's Test Kitchen recipe and they actually weren't that great. This recipe is definitely superior.

3. So, I'm officially done spending my birthday clothes shopping money. I ended up using our Gap credit card rewards to get a hot pink pencil skirt from Banana Republic. I have the same skirt in emerald green as well (what can I say, I like bright colors!) and I mostly wear them with four button downs - chambray, navy gingham, navy polka dots, and chambray polka dots. My favorite is the chambray dots because the buttons don't go all the way down. I feel like it's more flattering that way? I also ordered a gray tee from Everlane with some store credit and a swim cover-up with a Target gift card. So I ended up getting everything I mentioned in this post, except for a different swim suit.

4. For a long time now, we've thought that we wouldn't send Claire to preschool. We plan to continue with our little music class, do Catechesis of the Good Shepherd, and probably add in gymnastics or dance. I feel pretty confident that I can teach her the basics (numbers, letters, etc) here at home. But, there's a Catholic preschool starting up within walking distance to our house that's got us thinking and wondering if we should reconsider. I feel like some of the hardest decisions to make are when you've got a plan figured out and suddenly a completely different idea falls into your lap. Then you've got to figure out where God's hand is in it all. So tricky. She only just turned two though, so obviously we still have plenty of time.


5. Speaking of decisions, yesterday we got an offer in the mail for a Hyatt Resort in Maui - $299 for five nights. It was one of those timeshare deals where you have to listen to a presentation while you're there. We were already discussing whether we should spend Christmas in Hawaii when we read the fine print and realized that you have to be 27 to take advantage of the deal. Ageism, right? But we were actually kind of thankful that decision was taken out of our hands.

6. Yesterday, we met one of Claire's little friends from music class at the farm park. Which is exactly what it sounds like, a city park that's also a working farm. Claire and her little buddy, Lily, are just obsessed with holding hands. It's the sweetest thing. Lily has a younger brother, Matthew, who's a week younger than Maggie. We had a picnic lunch and the babies couldn't stop grinning at each other. The best part is that their mom and I are the same age too!

7. Claire has gotten extremely possessive of her toys lately. She always wants to bring her favorite baby doll in the car and whenever Maggie makes a peep in the backseat she shouts, "No, my dolly!" Which is ridiculous because Maggie obviously has no interest in her toys and is perfectly content playing with her stacking cups, thank you. Weirdo.


Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend, you guys! And go see Jen for more quick takes!

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  1. I've never been too impressed with letting dough rest- but then, maybe I haven't been patient enough? My current favorite is this one: http://allrecipes.com/recipe/best-chocolate-chip-cookies/

    But with Margot's egg allergy, we've actually been on a terrible cookie hiatus since nothing vegan really makes the cut. (Sorry, but applesauce or flaxmeal in cookies is always instantly discernible to me!)

    p.s. totally ageism! that's craziness.


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