Claire's Baptism Day

When we lived in an apartment complex, we kept our bikes in a bike rack in the other, farther away parking lot. We didn't have a baby bike seat, so we never used them. Then, we moved into a rental house and, a month later, parked the bikes in our garage. From the day Claire saw our bikes, she's been asking for one of her own and we've been telling her that she might get lucky on her baptism day.

Well, finally, the big day arrived. I made a strawberry pretzel pie for dessert because Claire loves strawberries and pretzels and pink. The pretzel crust was really good but the filling was way, way, way too sweet. And Claire didn't even eat any because she was so excited about her present. She wandered around the house saying, "Bike, where are you?" until we finished ours.


After dinner, we brought out the bike - a tricycle and helmet that we scored for $15 on Craig's List.




She was ecstatic and we took it out for a spin right away. She can't pedal yet, but she'll get the hang of it soon enough.
I can't believe it's been two years since this day!

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