Clearly Claire


Caitlin: Claire, do you love me?
Claire: I love ME!

When waking up from a nap...
Adam: Claire, do you want your diaper changed?
Claire: No, no, I stay in crib. I relax. 

When making a mess at dinner...
Caitlin: Do you want to have good manners?
Claire: No, no. 

Adam: What's my name?
Claire: Daddy!
Adam: What's your sister's name?
Claire: Crying! 

Claire: Happy Birthday, Mommy!
Caitlin: Thanks, Claire.
Claire (whispering to herself): Too old...

First interaction of the day...
 Caitlin: Good morning, Claire.
Claire: I wanna dance!

While "helping" make breakfast, she drops a spoon and picks it up...
 Claire (giving the spoon a kiss): All better! 

After learning that we don't have time to go to the park before dinner...
 Adam: Do you want to go in the backyard now?
Claire: No, I still crying.



  1. Stopppp. Her swimsuit is just too cute.

  2. The saltwater sandals are too cute. And this is the fun age when kids start saying the funniest stuff, enjoy!


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