A Tale of Two Coats

I have two coats that I really love. 


I wear the khaki one in the spring/fall and the yellow one in the winter. They're a little fancy for my typical stay-at-home mom life, so they're mostly for church and nights out. 

Their everyday counterparts don't give me the same warm, fuzzy feeling. 

Tulip Festival

Well, this yellow rain coat that I usually wear in the spring and fall served me well for a long time, but I've had it for five years now. It's worn out and has shrunk so that it hits me at an unflattering angle. 


My winter coat is definitely more suited to Pittsburgh than Seattle. First of all, it doesn't have a hood. This wasn't a big deal in Pittsburgh since it was so much colder there and I was always wearing a hat. Here in the land of the near-constant drizzle, no hood is kind of a deal-breaker. Second, it's just warmer than I really need. Those kind of quilted down jackets are just unnecessary here.

So, I'm on the look-out for new everyday coats. I started with a spring/fall one, so that will be here before we know it. I was looking for something with a bit more length (aka bum coverage), a cinched or belted waist, and a hood, of course. Bonus points if it's a fun color or pattern. So, I got really excited when I found something that matched all my criteria on clearance at Boden.

photo 2(1)

Coral polka dots! Turquoise piping! Navy striped lining! Oh, such promise.

photo 1(1)

But, alas, it was just all wrong. Too long in the sleeves and the body. Awkwardly big in all the wrong places, but if I sized down, it would have been too tight in the arms. I really wanted something that would work with jeans or skirts/dresses and this did not fit the bill.


Next, I set my sights on Nordstrom's anniversary sale and ordered this coat for 50% off. It's petite, so miraculously I don't have to roll up the sleeves. Aside from the fun color thing, it fits all my criteria. And I actually really love that the khaki is timeless and will match with everything. Of course, it doesn't hurt that this coat was $40 cheaper than the Boden one.

jcrew factory

I'm still on the hunt for a winter coat. I'd like a similar style, just with some extra warmth. One day, I'd love to add a jean jacket and a puffer vest to my outerwear collection. If I had the funds, these J.Crew Factory items would definitely be headed my way!


  1. LOVE the trench. Seriously timeless.

  2. That trench is PERFECT on you! So slimming too, and I had no idea coats could BE slimming! Good find :)

  3. I love the coat you ended up getting! And while I've never been a huge fan of vests I actually really like that J. Crew one. My fall corduroy jacket is getting kind of old, I should probably get something new for fall ... (not to mention it's a bit tight across the back. I don't know if it was always that way or somehow is post-babies ...)


You are awesome.