Stitch Fix!

So, my first Stitch Fix came in the mail yesterday! I was pretty specific about the items I was hoping to receive:

1. Tunic style top to wear with dark jeans and boots.
2. Open sweater in a fun color/pattern in petite so the arms aren't too long.
3. Casual, waterproof winter coat with hood and cinched waist to wear with jeans and skirts.
  4. Nursing friendly dress with the same sleeve lengths that doesn't need ironing.
5. Cocktail dress for fall/winter with elbow or 3/4 sleeves.

1. Angie Devaux Printed Tab-Sleeve Blouse - $58



This was exactly what I was looking for! It's a great length and even super easy to nurse in. Definitely a keeper.

2. Market & Spruce Kennedy Asymmetrical Draped Zip Cardigan - $78



Well, it's really soft and the arms aren't too long, but I was hoping for something in a fun color/pattern, since I'll pretty much exclusively wear it with gray or black v-necks. (I have a royal blue open sweater for Banana Republic that I really love.) Also, I feel like it looks really weird zipped. I'm not sure how the neckline is supposed to work.

3. Mystree Braylee Hooded Utility Jacket - $98


I usually steer away from olive green because I don't think it looks great with my coloring (I think I'm more of a cool colors person, so I steer away from olive/beige/mustard) but I actually really liked this jacket. I just got a new fall jacket though, so I don't feel like I could justify another one, especially for a hundred bucks.

4. Hourglass Lilly Caddy Geo Print Fit & Flare Dress -$58


This is waaaaay too short. I wouldn't feel comfortable wearing it without leggings and boots. It's also sleeveless, with a big cut-out in the back. Sleeveless items aren't really necessary in Seattle, so with that and the large hole in the back, I would always want to wear a sweater too. Too many layers needed to make this dress work. And it's not nursing-friendly, so when would I even wear it? It was super, super soft though.

5. Tart Illina Flutter Sleeve A-Line Dress - $128



Another super, super soft dress. It's really stretchy, so definitely nursing friendly. I don't love how low the back is though. It's not low enough for a special bra or anything, but I have a lot of acne scars that I don't really want to show off at a party. Just doesn't wow me enough to justify that price tag.

I'm pretty sure I'm just keeping the first item. I feel like the stylist did really try to match what I asked for with what they had in stock. I'm actually kind of glad I only loved one item, because it means I can order another Fix!


  1. I think your instincts are right-on - love #1! But the others are definitely borderline (and that fit & flare dress shouldn't even be called a dress!) - excited to see what comes for you next :)

  2. Yeah, Stitch Fix has sent me a few very short "dresses," too ... I can't even imagine how someone taller than me would wear them! I love the top! So fun, thanks for sharing. :)

  3. Love that shirt! And I love your face in that asymmetrical cardigan. :)


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