Clearly Claire


After I put the first item, cookie butter, in the cart at Trader Joe's...
Claire: "We go home now? That's all you need?"

While buckling her into the stroller for a walk...
 Claire: "We going to get more junk mail?"

Adam giving me a hug in the front seat...
 Claire: "You wrestling?"

Adam singing really loud while bathing the girls...
 Claire: "Too much singing for the walrus!"

While potty training....
 Claire: "I get lots of stuff! Pee, where are you?!"

Adam reading Moo Baa La La La to Maggie, which ends with the line "And what do you say?" 
Claire runs in from the other room..."I need to say quack!" 

Adam: Now hop into the bath tub!
Claire, jumping around the tub, "Hop! Hop! Hop!"

Caitlin: Claire, do you like ballet or gymnastics better?
Claire: "I like cookies!"

Talking to Maggie in the playroom...
Claire: What a big mess! I am so mad!"

Talking to Maggie in the backseat...
 Claire: "I have a good idea! Let's cry!"

Upon seeing Maggie in the morning...
Claire: "How you doing, old friend?"



  1. My plan for if I ever get pulled over with all 4 kids in the car is just to get them all to cry so the cop leaves us alone... So really, she's pretty brilliant with her "Let's cry!" idea ;) Too funny!

  2. Is that a cow dress?? So cute!! Also, I like cookies too Claire!


You are awesome.