Seven Quick Takes: Favorite Authors

Just in case you've started thinking about Christmas gifts, here are seven favorite authors of mine. I always look for their latest releases:

1. Sophie Kinsella

The latest Shopaholic book comes out in just over a week! They are always hilarious and just plain fun. Way, way better than the movie version. 

2. Hester Browne

Her latest book came out last month and it was just as lovely as usual. I'd suggest getting started with the Little Lady Agency series though. 

3. Cecelia Ahern

Her most famous novel is P.S. I Love You (again, way better than movie). I'm currently reading her latest release, although I'd suggest starting with Love, Rosie because it's also been adapted into a film, coming out this month.

4. Emily Giffin 

Her latest came out this summer. It's got a different feel than her other novels, but I still really enjoyed it. Perfect for fans of Friday Night Lights!

5. Malcolm Gladwell 

Okay, who doesn't find his books fascinating? You could give his books to just about anyone and they would absolutely love it. 

6. AJ Jacobs

 He's not as well-known as Mr. Gladwell, but his books are similarly engaging for a wide audience. His last one came out a few years ago, but his next is all about genealogy, so he's planning the world's largest family reunion.

7. Gretchen Rubin 

So, I haven't actually read all her books, like I could say about the previous six authors, but I loved the Happiness Project and Happier at Home. I'm eagerly awaiting her next release in March! 

As you can see, I'm pretty easily pleased with chick lit and popular non-fiction. But I bet almost anyone on your Christmas list would feel the same. Go see Jen for more quick takes!

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