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Y'all, today, was a loooooong day. Well, I suppose it was actually a pretty short day, because not-napping kids meant a very early bedtime. Adam is hosting bible study this evening, which means I am hiding in our room. I was all set to work on Maggie's birthday banner and watch the latest episode of Parenthood, but I realized that I bought the wrong kind of bias tape. I could run out to the craft store for more, but sharing some link love sounds more fun, right? It also means I don't have to leave my bed...

We have had the most amazing weather here since, like, May. It's kinda freaking me out. I thought it was supposed to rain all the time in Seattle? #globalwarming

We've had a rotation of pumpkin muffins, pancakes, and waffles this week. Stephanie's pumpkin gingerbread waffles were delightful and really pretty good for you too!

I learned to knit when I was pregnant with Claire, but I never got farther than scarves for me and Adam. I'd love to pick it up again one day, maybe starting with Elizabeth's beautiful ombre blanket that only requires a basic knit stitch.

Also high up on my one-day list is seasonal decorating. So far, I only deck the halls for Christmas. I loved checking out all the autumn decor featured in Bonnie's blog hop.

Meg's decorating style is right up my alley and her dining room is no exception. That green china cabinet is amazing and the fact that it's used to hold craft supplies makes it that much better.

I am having the best time vicariously living through Janssen and her family's semester in London. It's pretty much my wildest dream! I doubt I could convince Adam he needs an MBA though...

Speaking of travel, my sister spent a long weekend in Boston last month and seriously inspired some envy from me. As a history major, it's definitely at the top of my dream destination list.

I've been reading Lizzy's blog for years (I think since she was pregnant with her now four year old) and, funnily enough, she just moved to our town. It's been so fun seeing everything, like our favorite farm park, through new eyes.

Naomi's list of gift ideas for new moms was spot on. Of course, I always offer to bring a meal to local friends. For far-away friends, I usually splurge on a fancier outfit (you can't go wrong with Mini Boden in my book). I love to include chocolate for mom and something for the older siblings as well.

Jenny's got a month-long series on marriage going and she's just been hitting out of the park every time. Seriously, seriously, go check it out. 

The award for funniest post I read last week has got to be a tie between Ana and Lindsey Jo.  Both had me majorly cracking up. 

Rosie got me hooked on checking Zulily again. Maybe it's just my timing, but they've had some really great stuff lately. I mean, have you seen the cuteness of Joyfolie? How can you resist?

As I've been sewing more this past month, I've gotten more into podcasts. So far, I've been really enjoying This Inspired Life and I found this episode of Read-Aloud Revival particularly fascinating. What else should I add to my list? 

Over and out, folks. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day? It involves a taking a toddler to the dentist, so I'm not super, super optimistic.

Good thing they're cute.

Okay, these instagram photos have reminded me that my children are pretty cute after all. That, and the fact that they've been asleep for several hours now!

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  1. I love those two podcasts! Just getting started on Read-Aloud Revival. I also really like Craftlit (although I'm not all that excited about the next book they're reading).


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