Maggie's First Birthday

Maggie turned one last Tuesday, but we waited to throw her a party until Thursday so her Aunt Allie could be there. We invited three other young families to join us, so there were seven children under three in attendance! 


Thanks to our folding banquet table, kids' picnic table, and two high chairs, we fit everyone into our living room pretty easily.


We used the mantel to display her monthly photos, newborn photo, and shadowbox (filled with all sorts of memorabilia from her babyhood - ultrasound photo, birth announcement, baptism candle, etc.) It's hard to tell, but the banner says "Yay For Maggie." I made it from the fabric we used for her monthly photos. Claire has one as well. Their names are both conveniently six letters!


We invited all the moms and kiddos to head over after naps. The dads joined us for dinner when they got off work. We served all the food buffet-style on the kitchen table. The pompoms and lanterns were re-used from Claire's birthday parties. The idea of displaying some of favorite instagram photos from the year on a scrap piece of chalkboard was borrowed from a Claire party as well.


The menu was:

Macaroni & Cheese
Mini Chicken Biscuits
Veggie Tray
Fruit Skewers
Chocolate Cupcakes
Apple Cider

We specifically picked the macaroni and mini chicken biscuits because they didn't need to be cut into pieces for tiny children, which really slows down a buffet line! All the food prep went really well until we couldn't get the oven to turn on the afternoon before the party. (It's having trouble igniting and we'd gotten it fixed the weekend before, but apparently it's still having issues.) Thankfully, we finally got it on long enough to cook everything.


The chocolate cupcake recipe we used is actually for cake and, while super delicious, they turned out a little too soft to spread icing on nicely. Luckily, the icing is Maggie's least favorite part anyway. (This wasn't her first time to the dessert rodeo. She's the second child, after all.)


We ate, constantly pausing the conversation to tell the two-year-olds to sit back down and finish their food.


We forced everyone to watch our slideshow of highlights from Maggie's first year.


We opened presents (which I will share more about next week) and then we sang happy birthday to our girl.



It may not have been her first cupcake, but she was still a huge fan. As were the toddlers, necessitating an immediate vacuum of the floor. We're already brainstorming a less messy dessert to serve at Claire's birthday in March...


We managed to snap a quick picture with the birthday girl before she scurried off to chase the sugar-fueled big kids!

Maggie blowing out her candle and digging in. One of Claire's buddies had a minor meltdown with all the excitement, so just ignore that part and focus on the cute baby smearing chocolate everywhere. 

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