Claire and Maggie's Christmas Wish Lists

Just in case you're curious what a 2.5 year old little girl and a 13 month old baby girl (who already has most toys a baby could ask for, thanks to her big sister) would love for Christmas:

Claire Christmas Wish List

Our big gift for the girls this Christmas is a play kitchen. We are making one out of an old entertainment center. We got started last weekend and I'm just so excited to show them the finished project! To go along with the kitchen, I'm sure Claire would love any one of these KidKraft items - a toaster, mixer, or doll high chair.

Like most little girls, she's currently obsessed with Frozen. She keeps asking for a Frozen book. I am not a fan of book adaptions from movies or tv shows, but I know she would be so excited. This one is a new story about Elsa and Anna, which I wouldn't mind as much. If I could choose, I would go with an interactive book like Tap the Magic Tree or Mix It Up. She also loves dressing up. We found her a Snow White dress at Goodwill but it's a little small. I'm sure she'd be ecstatic over a princess dress from the movie. Dress-up accessories of all kinds (hats, shoes, necklaces, scarves, headbands, etc) are always welcome.

Our collection of puzzles has gotten too easy for her, so I'm sure she'd appreciate a little challenge. I love how this Bear Family puzzle is kind of a cross with paper dolls. This beginner set comes with four puzzles that grow progressively trickier.

Claire loves doing art. It's not my strong suit, but I'm trying to give her more time to create. I think these dot markers or these first paintbrushes and spill-proof cups would be a big hit.

Maggie Christmas Wish List

We have a green Kid-O Go Car that the girls are constantly fighting over. Maggie would definitely appreciate one of her own and why not go with pink? It would be lovely to add a plane and a boat to our vehicle collection as well.

Maggie loves when we sing Wheels on the Bus or Five Little Monkeys, so I know she'd appreciate them in book form. We discovered Farmyard Beat at the library. It's so catchy and colorful we'd love to have a copy of our own.

Our music class teacher has this Lamaze Octotunes toy and Maggie is just obsessed. Each of the eight tentacles play a different music note when you squeeze it. This isn't strictly for Maggie, but I've heard many, many good things about this Rollipop ball drop set and I have a feeling it would see lots of action at our house.

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  1. I found a single dress up bear puzzle at a consignment sale and Amelia loves it! What fun ideas!


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