Seven Quick Takes

1. Our parish had their annual conference this past weekend. While the girls were in the nursery on Saturday morning, we got to hear talks from Bob Rice and Jackie Francois. It was fantastic! While we were browsing the book tables after lunch, Bob Rice kindly gave Claire one of his CDs. It's replaced the Frozen soundtrack in the car and for that I am eternally grateful. I had Claire color him a thank you note that we mailed to his office at Steubenville. As a parent, I am not a stickler about a lot of stuff (screen time, eating veggies) but teaching them to write thank-you notes is extremely important to me. Claire has been sending them since she was eighteen months old, when she was first able to scribble.
2. I got my third Stitch Fix on Wednesday! They delivered on the item I was most hoping for - a cozy, open sweater. This purple one is exactly what I wished for. The other items were not so great - two dresses that were way too clingy (I prefer to avoid spanx whenever possible!), a tunic that was weirdly long and shapeless, and a necklace that I actually really liked but just didn't need right now. But since I did at least really like one item, I went ahead and ordered another fix.
3. Remember how I found a new winter coat that I'm absolutely in love with? Well, Old Navy lured me in with their sale prices and I ordered matching red coats for the girls. So, yep, I'm that mom now. We're taking Christmas card pictures this weekend a local tree farm and you know we're going to have to bust out the matching outerwear!

4. Is your life pretty much what you expected or completely different? In high school, my close friends joked that my Type A personality combined with my desire to be a stay-at-home mom would mean that I'd be PTA president and dress my many children in coordinating outfits. I never expected to be living in Seattle and I'm not sure if that many children thing will work out (c-sections...) but I am leader of the parish mom's group and delight in seeing my daughters wear matching clothing, so I suppose they weren't too off-base.
5. Oh, Adam got some new clothing recently too! We got a catalog in the mail from Charles Tyrwhitt and while they usually go straight into the recycling bin, this one caught my eye. They were offering men's dress shirts for $40, with a complimentary tie. With free shipping and returns, there wasn't much to lose. He ordered two shirts, with a gold tie because he likes to coordinate them to the liturgical seasons. We were both super impressed with the quality and the fit compared to the similarly priced shirts he has from J.Crew, Gap, and Land's End.

6. After seeing the Christmas book lists at Everyday Reading and In the Heart of My Home, I maxed out my holds at the library yesterday. I also added Olivia Helps With Christmas and Christmas in the Big Woods, since Claire is really into both of those series lately. I am so excited about celebrating with her this year!
7. Are you guys watching Jane the Virgin? I can't decide whether it or Black-ish are my favorite new shows from this year. At first just I was watching it, while sewing Maggie's birthday gifts, but I got Adam hooked too. It's really, really funny and actually portrays Catholic characters in a real and mostly accurate way. I promise you'll like it. They've only aired five episodes, so if you hurry you can still catch up on Hulu.
Linking up with Jenn, oops, I mean, Kelly, this week. Have a wonderful weekend, you guys. Adam finished a big deadline at work today, so to celebrate we got a babysitter and are finally trying Delancey tonight!


  1. Omigoodness, I love you three in your cute coats!

  2. Celebrating holidays with kids really is the best! I am having so much fun with my daughter and our stacks of thanksgiving books and crafts. She's two so this is the first year she gets it, and it's so much fun! Also, I'm glad I'm not the only one who semi-abuses the library hold system ;)


You are awesome.