Thankful #1: Shelter

Where I spend a large chunk of time each day, cutting food into baby-bite-size pieces.
I am so incredibly thankful for our little yellow rental house. I'm thankful for the attached garage, which makes rainy days and small children a million times easier. I'm thankful for our recently renovated kitchen and two (!!) bathrooms. I'm thankful for a guest bedroom, with a pack-n-play so we don't have to try to get the girls to nap together. I'm thankful for our new washer and dryer, which actually leaves clothes wrinkle-free for the first time in our marriage. I'm thankful for our playroom, filled with all manner of wonderful toys and books. I'm thankful our pantry and closets are similarly stocked. I'm thankful for our home's excellent location, from which Adam can easily bike to work and I can drive to almost all of our favorite spots in ten minutes. Most of all, I'm thankful that it's only $50 more a month than the apartment we were living in this time last year! 

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