Although they both looked adorable in pigtails, doing Claire and Maggie's hair was the low point of our morning routine for all parties involved. I didn't want to cut Maggie's hair until after her first birthday and Claire needed braids for her Halloween costume, so we finally made it happen last Saturday.

Yep, we're the kind of parents who shell out for those kids' salons. And take lots of pictures.





 They both did so great! I was worried that Claire would freak out when she realized all her hair was gone, but she was thrilled. Every morning while I'm getting her dressed, she's reminded me "Remember, don't do my hair Mommy!"

And, of course, I was worried that Maggie would just sob uncontrollably through the whole thing, but she didn't mind one bit.

I tried to get pictures of their new looks before church on Sunday, with limited success. We went to the evening Mass because a friend was getting baptized.


Claire woke up in a "mood" from her nap. We kept threatening that if she didn't turn things around we weren't going to the baptism party. A completely empty threat, of course.


Maggie's hair cut is more obvious from the back. No more ridiculous rat tail going past her shoulders. Here are some Instagrams from this week that show the new 'do's off a little better.

And she's got a bob. No more daily fights over doing her hair!

Uh, mom, how do I get down? #theclimbinghasbegun

Well, I just wrote a whole post about taking my small children in for a hair cut. I'm officially a mom. A mom who gave her daughters identical hair cuts to her own, ha!

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