Winter Coat Winner

Remember how I mentioned a new winter coat a while back? Well, that was definitely a case of trying something on really fast at the store, with two kids whining in the double stroller, and then coming home and thinking, um....blahhhhhh.  
So, back to the drawing board. In my extensive online shopping search, I had come across a really cute red duffel coat at Nordstrom, but it was out of my price range. When I started looking again, it had gone on sale for 30% off.
It wasn't until it arrived in the mail that I realized it was the same brand as my spring/fall trench! Unfortunately, this one wasn't available in petite, so I had the arms shortened at the tailor. It added another $40 to the price tag, but otherwise the sleeves fell past my fingertips, which just wasn't going to cut it.
Instead of giving you guys a grainy phone shot from our dark bedroom, I used the self timer function on the real camera and snuck out to the backyard during naptime. Of course, this was peak sunlight, so the pictures still aren't the best....



 The bag I am holding in the second picture is an imitation of the famous Madewell tote. It looks very, very similar to this Nordstrom one, except I found it at the Bass Outlet for $30 during our trip to Portland.

It's not nearly as organized as my old Skip Hop diaper bag, but after carrying that around for 2.5 years, I just wanted something new.
I sold a few things to Twice a while back and finally used the credit to purchase these tees - the striped one is from J. Crew and the polka dot one is from Madewell. The are both in perfect condition! I really like the idea of Twice, but I find actually searching on the website kind of exhausting.

That's where Stitch Fix comes in, right? I got my second fix right around Maggie's first birthday a few weeks ago. You guys, it was soooooo bad. Four sweaters that were the exact opposite of my style and one dress that I almost convinced myself to keep so the $20 style credit wouldn't be a complete waste, but ultimately talked myself out of. Definitely the right decision.

I made a style Pinterest board and committed myself to one more fix, so I really hope they turn things around next time!


  1. I love that coat on you!
    I am sorry to hear your second stitch fix was a bust! Hope this next one yields better results.

  2. Very nice coat choice! I'm still wearing my maternity coat from Pittsburgh :). One of these years...


You are awesome.