Clearly Claire

Aunt Allie turns on a Top 40 radio station...
Claire: I don't like this noise!
Talking about how Maggie's real name is Margaret...
Aunt Allie: What's your real name?
Claire: Princess! 
Caitlin: Do you want some fruit? What kind?
Claire: Ice cream! 
At the Columbia River Gorge...
Claire: I don't want to find a big, scary bear. But I like fluffy bears! 
In the middle of the night...
Adam: What's the matter?
Claire: My bum.
Adam: What about your bum?
Claire: It's in my pajamas!
Adam: ... go to sleep.
Examining the dinner table..
Claire: I don't like salad. I like butter! 
When Maggie inevitably fell asleep during a five-minute car ride..
Claire: Maggie, wake up! We have to go take a nap!
As we were zipping them into winter coats and joking about "Maggie the Marshmallow"...
Claire: Look, it's Claire the vegetable!
Walking out of the mall parking garage...
Claire: My tummy hurts. I need to go to the chocolate store. 
Putting up the Little People nativity set...
Claire: Oh, Mary's so cute. 
While giving bedtime hugs...
Claire: You have a baby in your tummy? It happens...
When Maggie was having a hard time falling asleep...
Claire: Maggie's being so cranky my dolly is crying!

Try as I might, I didn't get any pictures of Claire the moving target to include with this post. But I think these shots of Maggie will make up for it. She's been showing us her belly a lot lately, which she thinks is the most hilarious thing ever.




And you know what? It really is. Claire used to do that same little adorable nose-scrunching smile.
Chihuly Garden and Glass


  1. Ice cream, butter, chocolate...she's got the right idea here ;-)

  2. Oh my goodness. So much cuteness! Maggie looks like a toddler!


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