Stich Fix #4: Opinions, Please!

Quickly typing out a post while the girls are watching an episode of Daniel Tiger so I can show you guys my latest Stitch Fix!
1. Skies are Blue Silvia Lace Detail Cardigan - $58


This cardigan is super comfy. I like the sleeves, I love the lace detail. But is the color too boring with jeans? If only I had a pair of colorful cords. And do I really need another open cardigan? I just got a purple one in my fix last month, so now I have two.

2. Renee C Graphic Floral Print Blouse - $58



 The pattern is kinda fun and I like the length of the back, but the front is just too short. I know I would be awkwardly tugging it down all the time. The blouse they sent me in my first fix had a little of that longer-in-the-back thing going on, which I really liked, but not this drastically.

3. Renee C Jemdy Striped Dolman Sleeve Jersey Top - $48


 This is one of those really stretchy shirts with just wayyyyyy too much fabric everywhere. Um, no thank you.

4. Skies are Blue Corie Knit Jacket - $68

Ridiculously long sleeves and the rest of the sweater just does nothing for me. I'll pass.
5. LA Made Nettie Thermal Dress - $58
First off, I'm not a fan of thermal fabric. And again, this dress just had a crazy amount of fabric. I wasn't really even sure where the waist is supposed to sit. I think it's made for some one much taller than I am.
So, what do you think? Should I keep the cardigan? Or am I not thinking clearly because I don't want to "waste" the $20 styling fee? I'm planning to go to the post office tomorrow, so chime in quick!
I think this was probably my last Stitch Fix. Part of me is inclined to give them "best out of five," but I really feel like they're not getting better at figuring out my style. I've given specific feedback and requests. I've told them about my favorite colors, fabrics, and styles. I even made a style Pinterest board. Despite of all that, things really don't seem to be improving. I love the idea of Stitch Fix, but I'm not a big fan of throwing away a $20 styling fee for things that aren't at all my style...


  1. Hi there! First time commenting here I think. I like #2 a lot, but if it doesn't sit comfortably it won't be worth it. And I actually like #4. Since it's fitted, it might look even better with a full skirt or fuller-legged pants. So it would depend on how often you wear those. . . . Too bad Stitch Fix didn't work out better. I'm intrigued by the concept but haven't taken the plunge yet myself.

  2. I like the cardigan. Before reading your thoughts on it, I did notice that it was pretty much the same color as your jeans. But I still think it is pretty. I'd go for it! :-)

  3. When I saw the cardigan, my first thought was "I like the shape and details, but the color kinda washes her out." And I think the rest are all no-gos right off the bat. So I'm gonna vote with returning them all :-/ Sorry it wasn't a good haul this time.


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