Art Additions

Just some wall art I've been collecting for the past several months and got Adam to hang up over Christmas break. 


A pretty San Damiano cross next to the kitchen sink. 


The latest yearly picture over the dining table. 


A leaning mirror in our room, which makes it feel a lot bigger. Um, ignore all the toddler fingerprints. The painting above was actually done by Adam's grandma! We were grateful to receive one of her pieces when they moved into a retirement community this fall. 


A world map to complete our collection in the playroom.


And then over the play kitchen, some dishtowels I bought at Anthropologie many years ago. I can't decide if the blank space on the wall next to them looks weird. Play rooms are hard to decorate!


Way too pretty for drying dishes, right?


Finally, some changes to our family altar, which occupies the little hallway between the kitchen and the playroom. It sits on the wall across from the pantry and hall bath. It's actually our old tv stand (since our tv is mounted over the fireplace here) so it also serves as storage for board games and movies.


We wanted to display photos of our parents, siblings, and grandparents somewhere and decided this was the best spot so we'll have a visual reminder to pray for them.


I asked Elise from In Endless Song to create these hand-lettered versions of the morning offering and the angelus, since it's our goal as a family to gather around the altar to pray those. I couldn't be happier with how they turned out!

P.S. After three months with a broken oven, our landlords finally gave up on the extended warranty ever delivering and bought us a new gas range. I will definitely be baking celebratory cookies when it arrives on Wednesday! Now that the issue is taken care of, we've renewed our lease for two more years. It feels really good knowing we'll be in one place for that long.


  1. I love the updated altar area! And yay for a new oven ... FINALLY!!

  2. Gosh, I LOVE your family altar.... And the new blog design (sorry if I'm late to the party) is AWESOME!

  3. I love your family altar!!! I have been trying to find a good place for one in our home and haven't found a spot yet. So we have our crucifix over the mantle and do family worship on the sofa :-)

  4. I'm so delighted you love your prints, Caitlin! I love seeing them framed and in your home. Thank you for sharing!


You are awesome.