A Failed Experiment

Almost a year ago, I decided to make a concerted effort to invest in higher quality clothing in hopes of it lasting longer. Instead of my usual jeans from Old Navy, I bought a a pair of AG jeans on clearance at Anthropologie for about $100. 

Nine months later they'd already gotten a hole in the knee. I initially blamed it on the brand and ordered a new pair of skinny jeans on sale at Madewell to try out instead. 

But, last week, I noticed that my pair of bootcut Joe's jeans that I'd purchased in August (also about $100) were *this* close to getting a hole in the knee as well. 

That was the last straw. Jeans never really fit me that well anyway so I've decided not to wear them anymore. I'll be returning the new ones from Madewell and if I do decide to buy another pair in the future, I'll just be going back to Old Navy. 

Apparently paying more does not translate into longer-lasting clothing, at least for me. Maybe I'm particularly hard on clothing? I don't have a lot of clothes, so I wear everything I own quite frequently. So maybe everything just wears out very quickly?

From now on, I'm hoping to stick with dresses and skirts. Dresses, in particular, are my favorite. They're so comfortable and easy to wear! I've been searching Twice, an online consignment store, often lately for dresses that have sleeves and are ideally nursing-friendly. 

I'm not nursing at the moment but I hope to be again one day relatively soon, so it makes sense to build a wardrobe of clothing I can wear all the time, you know? I used to find Twice's website pretty exhausting to search through, but I've discovered that I like their mobile app a lot more.

I received six dresses in the mail today. These two, from Land's End and Banana Republic, made the final cut. 


The rejects I'll just drop off at the post office tomorrow. That's the kind of shopping I can handle with a one-year-old and two-year-old in tow!


  1. That really stinks about the jeans!! How frustrating. (I do wonder if jeans fit many people's bodies?? I feel like if your hips/bottom are at all "womanly" it's very hard to find something that fits.)

    I love those dresses though, especially the pleated skirt on the left one. And you look cute. :)

  2. Caitlin! I love the dresses you chose:)

  3. Include links to the dresses!! I wear jeans under dresses in the winter (an Old Navy pair, ironically) but have otherwise been in the skirt/dress only camp for 5.5 years. I'm getting burnt out but maybe you help can revive my hopes!!

  4. This is so funny to me. I have always wanted to be a dress and skirt person, but I never feel that they look good on me. I think you do jeans and dresses/skirts beautifully. Sorry the "better" jeans wore out so quickly. I really love these dresses. I especially love the coral one! I have a thing for coral!

  5. My issue with jeans is that they always get thin and then holey on the inner thigh. No matter what kind they are, this happens every time. It's so frustrating.

  6. I also vastly prefer dresses to jeans and stick to dresses as much as possible. When I was a senior in college, a friend I'd known since freshman year once walked into class and, seeing me wearing jeans, loudly exclaimed, "I had no idea you even owned a pair of jeans!" Ha! The one exception is American Eagle jeggings. Those things are so darn comfortable and work perfectly with boots. They're also not very expensive—maybe give them a try? :)

    Your new dresses look lovely on you—I'll have to check out this website Twice!


You are awesome.