Feasting Before The Fast

Just taking a break from scrubbing the fridge to fill you in on what we've been up to lately. 


For Valentine's Day, Claire and I made some simple valentines with Trader Joe's stickers. I made some raspberry cookies and cream ice cream to go with our usual Friday night pizza. And, on Saturday, Adam and I went to the parish Valentine's Day dance. We love our parish and our friends there, so we had a great time.

On Sunday evening, we threw a Mardi Gras party! I'm always impressed by how many people we can fit in our house with a little rearranging.

Aviary Photo_130687078630757825

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Fourteen adults, six kids, and five babies to be exact! I ordered lots of beads and chalkboard paper for the table runners from Amazon. Adam's mom actually made the runner on our kitchen table. 

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We served shrimp creole, crawfish etouffee, and red beans and rice (we made that ahead of time and had it warming in the oven.)

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A Mardi Gras party wouldn't be complete without citrus punch.

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And king cake, of course! Friends brought veggies, fruit, and bread. 

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Adam's parents kindly sent the festive plates, napkins, and cups. Mardi Gras is kind of a bigger deal in Houston than in Seattle. Of course, I was too busy having fun that I didn't take any pictures once our guests arrived.

Right after the party ended, my cousin Jess arrived for a quick visit! She grew up on Vancouver Island, but right now she's getting her master's in occupational therapy at the University of Alberta. She was off on spring break, although it's still very much winter in Edmonton.

Thankfully, Seattle came through with two days of sunshine for her. On Monday, we headed over to Snoqualmie Falls and had lunch at the Salish Lodge.

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It was so weirdly misty that we could barely see the falls! It was still a fun outing though. On Tuesday, we went to Trader Joe's (her inaugural trip!) and our town's lakefront park.

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She left around lunchtime to catch the ferry to the Vancouver Island. I'm so glad we got to catch up!

   On Wednesday, I successfully took both girls to the morning mass by myself, since Adam joined the new chant choir at our parish and was singing at the evening service. I made lentil soup and soft pretzels for dinner - I found a tube of premade ones at the store by the Immaculate brand, but they weren't nearly as homemade. I'll be sticking with my favorite recipe for Good Friday.

Thursday and Friday were pretty much spent grocery shopping for the final meal we're preparing for the homeless shelter this winter and deep-cleaning the kitchen. Buying food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for fifty people is a lot of work - I could barely push the cart at Costco! And cleaning your cabinets, counter, and pantry is a lot of work too if you haven't touched them for a year...

Now we're off to the parish fish fry, confession, and hopefully stations of the cross if the girls can make it that long. Then we'll be making spaghetti for fifty and finally retiring to the couch to watch Jane the Virgin. Happy first Friday of Lent!

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