Clearly Claire


As Adam walks in the door from work...
Claire: I'm going to have a baby brother soon!
Adam: What?!? 

 "I've got some bacon in my nose! Want some?"

In her crib, lying with her feet against the wall, pajamas unzipped, and singing "We wish you a Merry Christmas" very loudly...
Adam: What are you doing?
Claire: I'm looking at the food!
Adam: What?
Claire: I'm looking at the food!
Adam: Oh, in your tummy? 
Claire: Yep, I can't see it when my pajamas are zipped. Nope! 
Adam: Go to bed. 

Upon seeing a dime in the parking garage at Adam's office...
Claire: What's this?
Adam: It's money. 
Claire picks it up and hands it to me...
Claire: Here, some money for the princess castle!
I tell Adam about the giant castle we saw at Costco and how I explained to her that it was too expensive. 
Claire: It's too much hundreds of dollars, Daddy. 

Reading a story to her dolly...
Claire: Once upon a time there was a duck. His name was Rudolph the red-nosed reminder. He lived at the North Pole and said "quack, quack, quack."

Claire, yelling: I'm up here!!!
 Adam turns to see her on top of the grand piano in the church social hall. 

How she convinced us to buy her an Olaf beanie baby at the hardware store...
Claire: "Look at this carrot! It's beautiful."

"I want to watch Rapunzel. But...her mother was a little bit mean."

Yelling out the car door....
Claire: Don't get dolly wet, rain!

After we bought our van, we found her scattering paper all over the floor of the playroom. Her explanation?
Claire: "I'm doing paperwork!"

Adam mentions something about his boss, John, at the dinner table..
Claire, looking up from her plate: John the Baptist?


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  1. This is adorable! What a funny, clever, darling little lady she is.


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