Treat Yo Self: Birthday Edition

Now that Adam's birthday is over, we can move on to talking about mine, which is almost exactly a month later. Of course, I have already done plenty of thinking about how I should spend my birthday money. I've narrowed it down to three options: 

Diaper Bag

I would love a new diaper bag. I used a black Skip Hop bag for my first 2.5 years as a mother. The purse worked absolutely fine, but I'm just feeling kinda blah towards it at this point. Six months ago, I switched over to a faux leather tote that I impulsively purchased for $30. It's falling apart now and I haven't loved the completely open top, allowing for the girls to dig through my stuff constantly. The Madeline seems like the perfect diaper bag - zipper closure, plenty of space, real leather for durability, options for over-shoulder, cross-body, and backpack wear. Oh, and not bad to look at either! The downside is the $280 price tag. Ouch. 

I've lived in Seattle for almost three years and somehow don't own a pair of rain boots. Needless to say, I often lament this fact. The problem is that I have calves on the, um, athletic side, so I need wide calf boots. Hunter sells them, but the $150 price tag is a quite steep. I'm confident in their quality and know they'd last for many years, but, whew, that's a lot to spend on shoes I would only wear a few times a month. Then again, I'm really not loving my current alternative of cold, wet feet. 

I contemplated purchasing this swim suit for my birthday last year. Instead, I went with a cheaper tankini and skirted bottom combo. It's fine, but it doesn't have the coverage I'm really looking for up top. I love that you can have real bras added to the suits from Rey Swimwear, not to mention the fact that they're cut more modestly to begin with. Maybe since I still want it a year later I should take the $130 plunge? Although we don't have any big beach trips planned for this year, just the normal trips to the pool and the lake. We'll most likely take another beach vacation next year, so I could always postpone the purchase of a nicer swimsuit until then. 

A couple of other items that have caught my eye lately...

Caitlin Birthday

- Hardcover editions of the two Anne of Green Gables books missing from my collection. 
- The world's prettiest cake stand and mixing bowls. 

And, just in case, you're wondering, I would never say no to a Le Creuset dutch oven. 

Okay, guys, help a girl out. What would you do? 


  1. Oh man, I love that diaper bag too! I really just should have invested in a nice bag at the beginning of having babies...until about a month ago, I was carrying the same plain black Vera Bradley diaper bag I received at my baby shower 8+ years ago!
    P.S. Your other choices are awesome too. So hard to pick a favorite!

  2. I vote for the diaper bag! It is just too cute!!!


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