Clearly Claire


Our friend Steven, holding a mirror to Claire's face: "Who's that?"
Claire: "Princess Elsa!"

Adam is reading Claire stories before bed and I tell them that I'm going to take a bath...
 Claire: "I don't want you to poop in the tub, Mommy!"

Looking for Maggie at the park...
Claire: "I need my baby best friend!"

Throwing her own dirty diaper away...
Claire: "My nose is all stanky!"

Touching Maggie's hair after we had waffles for breakfast...
Claire: "It's all dirty!"

"Maggie's in the way of my life!"

When I told her she needed to eat two more bites of chicken...
Claire: "I'll just have some candy instead, okay?"

Caitlin: "Who's the best at singing?"
Claire: "Daddy!"
Caitlin: "Who's the best at reading?"
Claire: "Mommy!"
Claire: "Who's the best at singing Let it Go?"

Aunt Allie: "Can you say gracias?"
Claire: "Grass!"

Playing I-Spy on the ferry back from Bainbridge Island..
Claire: "I spy something...suitcase-y!"

"Can I have tomorrow's dessert now?"

Watching the Cinderella preview...
Claire: "Everything is sparkling!"

"Boy parents fix Mary lights and girl parents fix ... everything!"

Drinking some sparking grape juice...
Claire: "Can I have some more?"
Caitlin: "There's only a tiny bit left but you can have the rest."
Claire: "Oh, and then I'll have to have some wine?"

"Maggie is too little for the potty. When she gets bigger then we can all take turns on the potty!"

Talking to her dolly...
Claire: "I told you not to pull Elsa's hair!"

"I got mad at Dolly because she kept coming out of her room, so I had to use my angry voice."


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  1. These are great! "Oh, and then I'll have to have some wine?" ha!


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