Exciting Sibling News

I've been holding out some more exciting news - this time about my siblings!


First of all, I haven't told you where my brother, Scott, decided to go to college. He'll be going to Adam's and my alma mater, The University of Pittsburgh. He's planning to study computer science, which we're selfishly hoping will bring him back to Seattle after graduation. I loved our time in Pittsburgh and I'm really looking forward to reliving our college years through him.


Second of all, you may have noticed on Instagram that we've been enjoying an extended visit with my sister, Allison. She spent the first two weeks of July with us, then when we met my parents for a weekend in the Cascades, she drove back with them and spent a week in Richland. She flew back here for the last week of July to watch the girls while we snuck off for our anniversary getaway.

The reason she's been able to do all of this is because she quit her job and packed up her apartment in Houston at the end of June to serve as a missionary nurse in Honduras! She'll be working at an orphanage called the Farm of the Child, taking care of the children and seeing local patients in the clinic twice a week. Originally, she was supposed to leave at the end of July, but there was a security incident that delayed things a bit. The organization is currently adding additional security measures and making some policy changes. The new missionary class will leave for language school in Guatemala in October and arrive in Honduras in December.

Allie will serve a sixteen month term total, finishing in January of 2017, with the option of adding another year if she'd like. She'll also get to come back to the States for a summer visit (to meet our new baby!) She'll spend the next couple weeks of August back in Richland, visit some friends and family, and then spend most of September with us. Becoming a missionary nurse has been a dream of hers for a long, long time and we're really happy to see it become a reality.

P.S. If you're curious, here is her mission blog and here is the orphanage's website!

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