Silly Sisters



Maggie says, "Daddy, Daddy, Daddy!"
I say "Daddy, Daddy" too.
Mommy says, "Come on, Claire."
Daddy says, "We have to go home now, Claire. It's time to come inside for dinner."

Talking to Maggie in the nursery at bedtime..."Nobody's coming to get you. Lay down." 

Leave a vitamin out for a girl who wants one and who is going to eat her cereal!

When potty training really started to click..."My bum is like a hose!"

At the mall playground, a little five-year-old girl kept saying hi to Claire...
Adam: Claire, you should say hi back.
Claire: But she's not my best friend at all! 

Adam: Claire, do you love your sister?
Claire: No, I just like skunks. 

When I grow up I want you to leave so I can be the babysitter!

Me: How's it going guys?
Claire: Oh, don't worry about me. 

Adam: (during prayers) What are you thankful for, Maggie?
Maggie: Mommy!!!
Adam: What about you, Claire?
Claire: Bobby. (We have never met anyone by this name.)

My prince is named Jude. He lives very, very far away. 

While watching the end of Cinderella.... (sigh) "I can't wait to get married."

Adam (from the other room): Claire, do you need to use the potty?
Claire: I wasn't holding my bum!  



Caitlin: Who's your Mommy that loves you?
Maggie: Grandpa. 

When Caitlin might have been nodding off during the homily at Mass...
"Wake up, Mommy!!"

Adam putting butter on the table for corn on the cob... "Butter, yay!! I love you, you love me, we're a happy family..."

During Mass... "Look, I'm touching his coat!" (Yanking on the gentleman's coat in front of us.)

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  1. I loved reading these!! Oh my gosh, girls are so different than boys ... Michael is definitely not thinking about getting married yet, haha!


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