Third Trimester + Before Baby Checklist

Wow, I can't believe I'm in the third trimester already! Everything is going really well. I'm feeling good, I still love my doctor, and I've been gaining a normal amount of weight, unlike Maggie's pregnancy. The three-week span of two trips back east, Maggie's birthday, and Halloween almost did me in though. I was just so exhausted that I started feeling dizzy and light-headed in the Atlanta airport on our way back from West Virginia. When it happened again the next morning as I was trying to unpack, Adam decided to call in sick and sent me back to bed. Thankfully, things have calmed down considerably. I don't think even Thanksgiving and Christmas will be as busy. 

One of my good friends here had her third baby a couple weeks ago and it really hit home that Betsy will be arriving before we know it. So far, I've bought the fabric for her monthly photo project, ordered a new name charm for my favorite necklace, and picked everyone's outfits for newborn/family photos. I should probably move beyond shopping and get to work! 

Second Trimester Collage

- Register at the hospital
- Take a hospital tour
- Write a packing list and pack as much as possible ahead of time
- Hire a doula, acupuncturist, and chiropractor
- Sign up for some sort of prenatal exercise class (yoga?)
- Make a list of natural labor-inducing tricks (dates, raspberry leaf tea, evening primrose pills)
- Line someone up to watch the girls just in case I go into labor before my mom arrives

- Wash and organize the first few sizes of infant clothing (store in guest room dresser)
- Buy newborn diapers, lanolin, nursing pads, etc
- Decorate her initial letter

- Buy a bassinet for our room
- Buy a glider (and small side table?) for the playroom
- Buy a ride board for the double stroller
- Set up the bouncy seat
- Install the infant car seat
- Get Bjorn carrier back from a friend
- Ask for a new diaper bag for Christmas

Projects to Finish:
- Family altar
- Toy cubbies
- Window treatments for living room, kitchen, and playroom
- Buy new kitchen table and chairs
- Buy new bookshelf for the playroom
- Make our 2015 family photo book

- Declutter the house, particularly the garage
- Hire a cleaning service for January and February
- Get the van detailed  

Postpartum Events:
- Book a newborn/family photo session
- Schedule baptism at our parish and coordinate with family
- Start planning Claire's birthday party and thinking of gift ideas

- Sign the girls up for gymnastics in the spring
- Buy gifts for the siblings to exchange at the hospital 
- Order Betsy's baptism present
- Get my hair done and cut Adam's hair
- Plan a date night for January

After Betsy Arrives:
- Add her to our health insurance
- Request a copy of her birth certificate 
- Start working on passport paperwork
- Send birth announcements
- Order a personalized shadow box


  1. I also am entering the third trimester with number three and it has suddenly dawned on me how much there is to do! Maybe ill just use your list ;)

  2. What! I can't believe you are in the third trimester already!!

  3. Also what double stroller do you have? (I'm sure you've mentioned it somewhere before?) I've never thought of adding a ride board to a double, but that sounds like a fantastic idea.

  4. I'm one of jenn's friends, and also a doula. I applaud your pursuit of a VBA2C! I hope you're able to find an awesome doula who can help you achieve your birth goals :) and I hope that, whatever happens, you're pleased with the outcome. I look forward to hearing about your experience in the coming weeks!


You are awesome.