Betsy's Forty Weeks Photo Project

Forty Weeks Collage

Betsy's forty week collage is complete! The first pregnancy I actually made it to forty weeks with no complications. Definitely giving myself a pat on the back for keeping this up through three children. It's pretty easy - just snap a quick picture on the day of the week your baby grows another week older. We took all these at night after the girls went to bed in front of the door to the garage in the playroom. The hardest part is remembering to wear a different outfit from one week to the next; something I slipped up on for weeks eleven and twelve. 

As much as I love my maternity wardrobe, I'm so excited to pack it up this week and get out my regular clothes. I mostly wear leggings and cotton dresses, so everything should be stretchy enough to fit again. I haven't bought any new clothes since week twenty of pregnancy and, oh man, I am itching to do some shopping! Luckily all these nursing sessions led themselves pretty well to online shopping on my phone. I just ordered this dress from ModCloth, this dress from Land's End and this dress from Boden. 

Just a couple more weeks until we embark on another twelve month photo project. That one's a little more time intensive, but I sure do love the results! You can find Claire and Maggie's respective photo projects right here. 

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