Adam's Birthday

Adam turned twenty-six last Wednesday! This is the first time Claire's been really excited to celebrate a birthday other than her own. As soon as she woke up, she rushed into our room to give him the card she made - an adorable picture of our family.

Adam Birthday Card Claire

We had him open his presents right away. Claire insisted on going to Target to pick out a gift for him and since we had a gift card, I took her and Maggie the night before. I steered them towards the latest Star Wars DVD and some dark chocolate - their picks were Snow White and some Teddy Grahams! I gave him a bottle of port, a blazer I found on clearance at J.Crew Factory, and a couple new ties. He enjoys matching his tie to the liturgical season for Mass but he needed pink (I mean rose!) and red.


We had a special breakfast of strawberry cream cheese sweet rolls from Mel's Kitchen Cafe and then sadly sent him off to work. Our good friends, Libby and Jon, had their baby girl the day before so Adam took a long lunch break and we visited them in the hospital. We were so excited to meet our goddaughter, Eloise!



Betsy experienced a bit of deja vu hanging out in the newborn bassinet again while we got to snuggle with Ellie.


The hospital is right next to Chick-fil-A, so it only made sense to swing by for lunch afterward.


When Adam got home from work that night, we had pot roast (here's my go-to slow cooker version) and his absolute favorite chocolate peanut butter cake.


Claire was thrilled to help me bake the cake layers earlier in the week.


As it was mid-way through my first week home alone with three kids, I may have had a bit of a breakdown that evening about how life was surely going to be this hard forever and ever.


But somehow I did make it through the week and hopefully redeemed myself with the date I planned for Friday night.


We had a delicious dinner at a new-to-us restaurant, The Stone House, and saw The Jungle Book. It was a beautiful movie to see on the big screen, although we were disappointed that they changed the ending. The whole point is that Mowgli falls in love and decides to leave the jungle, right?


We had a fantastic time and found ourselves wishing all day that we had another date to look forward to this evening!

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