Independence Day Weekend

The last few weeks have been pretty stressful. Betsy has not been sleeping well. There's been a lot of whining, fighting, and tantrums from Claire and Maggie. Perhaps that's why our visit to my parents' house in Eastern Washington over the July 4th long weekend was so relaxing and fun! 




It felt incredibly amazing to have extra hands to hold Betsy and play with the older girls. 

Visiting my parents for the long weekend!

 Betsy trying her darnedest to steal my ice cream cone.

We arrived late Friday afternoon. After dinner, we went to the park and out for ice cream. 



On Saturday morning, we went swimming at the pool in my parents' gym. The indoor pool was nice and warm, so Betsy got to go in for her first swim! She really, really loved it.  Their gym also has a great outdoor pool with a kiddie area, a lazy river, and a pretty big water slide. Claire was just tall enough for the slide and bravely went down it several times! 



That afternoon we went to the Country Mercantile, an indoor market, for more ice cream. Because that's what a visit to your grandparents' house is all about, right?  The mercantile had some little kid's rides outside, so the girls went for a spin on the airplane one. 




We went to Mass on Sunday morning and went bowling that afternoon. Betsy was in heaven snuggling with Grandpa (and I think he was pretty happy too.)


Everyone's favorite part of the weekend was relaxing on my parents' back deck. Their house backs up to a golf course, so they have a really beautiful view. We had breakfast out there each morning and watched the sunset each evening after the girls were in bed. After which we'd spend the rest of the night playing board games. I forgot how much I like Rummikub! 

Breakfast on the back deck. I love my parents' yard!

Did you know that next year is the 150th anniversary of Canada? (Canada Day is July 1st.) I'm hoping next year we can spend the long weekend in Victoria for the celebration!

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