Eight Months With Betsy

Eight Months Official

Peaches, pears, and pumpkin pancakes.
Banging on Adam's bike helmet.
Going to music class with Maggie.
Playing with her big sisters in their bedroom.
Trying to twist herself out of the seatbelt in the shopping cart.
Crawling around during circle time at Claire's preschool.

When you won't let her chew on your shoes.
Having to work her naps around Claire's preschool schedule.
Sleeping in her parents' room when we have visitors.
When you're trying to read a story to her big sisters and you won't let her rip up the book. 

New Tricks:
Pulling up to standing.
Drinking out of a sippy cup.
Using a pincer grasp to pick up food.
Taking a few steps when you're holding her hands.

Eight Months Collage

Here are some more pictures from the past month:




And for comparison's sake, here are Claire and Maggie at the same age.


Just for fun, all my babies at eight months! Betsy really seems to be a perfect mix of her big sisters.

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