Three Years With Maggie

At age three, Maggie...


Weighs thirty-two pounds and is thirty-six inches tall.

No longer introduces herself as Sleeping Beauty. She says she's turned back into Maggie.

Can color really well and draws the cutest little smiley faces you've ever seen. She loves to paint and do play dough, although I'm sad to say neither happen very often with an active baby sister around.

Completes twenty-four piece puzzles on her own, often doing the same one over and over. She can do more challenging puzzles with help and now has the attention span for easy games like Candy Land.

Pretend plays with her dolls and her big sister all day long. They are very into setting up stores, carnivals, and hair salons at the moment. She loves to regale us with detailed stories about her dolls at dinner and in the car.

Must be wearing a dress or a skirt at all times. Her favorite color is pink. She prefers headbands to hair bows and has requested to keep her hair short, even though Claire is growing hers out. She does not like to wear socks or tights, stripping them off as soon as we get home.

Reads books to herself constantly, narrating her version of the story aloud. She insists on sitting in your lap when you're reading to her, otherwise she's "uncomfortable." We've been reading chapter books while the big girls lay in bed each night for the last few months. Maggie follows the story surprisingly well.

Currently really loves Clifford and The Hive, aka "the bumblebee show," both found on Netflix. We've turned our Friday pizza night into Friday pizza and movie night. It's been fun to introduce them to new movies beyond Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella and Winnie the Pooh, which were on rotation at our house for a very long time. Maggie white-knuckled her way through Finding Nemo but didn't find Peter Pan scary at all.

Doesn't have the biggest sweet tooth. She loves strawberry ice cream but isn't a big fan of doughnuts or cinnamon rolls. Her favorite foods are watermelon, frozen blueberries, scrambled eggs, cheese sticks, pizza, and chicken nuggets with Chick-fil-A sauce.

Naps a couple times a week. Usually once on the weekend and once on the way home from preschool pick-up. She still lets me transfer her into her bed to snooze some more. We took the side off her crib this summer to make it a toddler bed and she had absolutely zero issues with the transition. Sleeping in the same bed as Claire on vacation was a little bit trickier. She's a very warm sleeper, preferring to skip the blanket and just use a sheet.

Still sleeps with a pacifier. We have a trip planned soon and are waiting to take it away until we get back, but it's days are numbered. She seems to prefer her Corelle doll, "Baby Joyce," and her Sleeping Beauty doll to the soft dolly she's slept with since she was a baby. Although she's adopted and is now very fond of the stuffed dog my great aunt gave to Betsy.

Is pretty much potty trained. She's not perfect and definitely still has a few kinks to work on, but accidents only happen every couple weeks at this point. She wears pull-ups overnight and usually changes into underwear when we're going out for the day because it's just easier that way.

Eagerly anticipates being a preschooler herself. She's got the goodbye song memorized and is already thinking about what to bring in for show-and-tell. But she's not sad that she doesn't get to stay with Claire. I think she still prefers hanging out with me and Betsy. Her favorite part of the week is when Claire's at catechesis, Betsy is napping, and she gets some one-on-one time with me. She loves having her own special activity, music class, and is eagerly awaiting their dance and gymnastics class starting up again this week.

Plays so well with her baby sister. She's so great at getting down on her level. We can always count on her to entertain Betsy with peek-a-boo or another silly game that only the two of them understand.

Can throw a tantrum and whine like a pro, or at least like everyone other three-year-old I know. We like to say that when Claire is upset she gets very sad and when Maggie is upset she gets very angry. She's still not that well-behaved during Mass. Every once in a while she'll just decide to start crying uncontrollably. We're pretty sure it's simply because she's bored. Every time we say that if she does that again she's going into the nursery, but we keep backtracking and giving her one more chance to shape up.


The vast majority of the time she is absolutely adorable and the sweetest sister for Claire and Betsy. We often wonder what we would do without her in the middle of our three girls!

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