Silly Sisters



While on a hike...
Claire: Stop, it's an emergency! I have a wedgie and it's sooooo deep! 

Discussing what to have for dessert...
Claire: When you guys talk about chocolate I just love it so much. And that's why I love you! 

After an extremely minor injury...
"I wish I was in heaven where there's no pain."

My parents were in town and the rest of us were going out of the house...
Claire: Why aren't they coming with us?
Adam: They're going to finish making dinner. 
Claire: But Grandpa is usually just sitting in his chair and learning his Italian words. 

"There's going to be a dinosaur storm in Canada! That's when the whole country is filled with dinosaurs. All the people will have to leave and come to America, except for the knights and soldiers who need to stay to fight the dinosaurs. The airplanes are leaving! But...can I get ready for bed now?"



Discussing how Claire and Maggie both want to marry their friend Declan...
Maggie: But he has two hands to hold! 

Caitlin: How was the roller coaster?
Maggie: I didn't fall out!

As Adam is preparing to ride his bike to work on a rainy day...
Maggie: Don't get blown away! 

While getting Maggie dressed...
Caitlin: Did you know that I love you?
Maggie: Well, I don't love you.
Caitlin: Why not?
Maggie: Because you comb my hair and that's sooooo boring. 

Spoken like a true Seattle child...
Maggie: I like cold and rainy. I like cloudy too. I do NOT like sunny.

Maggie: I'm never going to eat breakfast again! 
Adam: Okay. Would you like some applesauce?
Maggie: NO! 
Adam: I'll just leave it here then. 
Maggie: But can you open it, please?


Lots more silliness right here. 

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